Catalogue downloads

  •   A Night in Vienna - operetta concert evening
  • Description: A full-length concert evening featuring the most popular works from our operetta catalogue, including music by Franz Lehár and Johann Strauss II
  •   Concert Library Christmas Highlights
  • Description: Seasonal works for Christmas and New Year concerts
  •   Malcolm Williamson catalogue
  • Description: Biography, discography and a complete catalogue of works
  •   Opera and Operetta in English from Josef Weinberger Ltd
  • Description: A complete list of our English operas and operettas, for both professional and amateur performers
  •   Operetta excerpts for hire (German catalogue)
  • Description: A comprehensive catalogue of operetta hire material, by composers such as Johann Strauss II, Franz Lehár and Emmerich Kálmán
  •   Operetta Highlights from Josef Weinberger Ltd
  • Description: The Concert Library's most popular instrumental and vocal excerpts from our operetta catalogue
  •   Orchestral Transcriptions from Josef Weinberger Ltd
  • Description: Arrangements and reductions of works by Beethoven, Berg, Berlioz, Brahms, Debussy, Dohnányi, Mahler and Schubert
  •   Paul Patterson - catalogue of works (2013)
  • Description: A complete list of works by Paul Patterson
  •   Roald Dahl concert works by Paul Patterson
  • Description: Popular with orchestras and ensembles all over the world, the Concert Library is proud to make available concert works based on Dahl's Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs, available in a variety of different orchestrations.
  •   Stephen Hough - catalogue of works (2011)
  • Description: Choral, instrumental and solo piano works by Stephen Hough
  •   Tchaikowsky, André - Catalogue of Works
  • Description: A complete list of works available on sale, hire works and unpublished works, as well as a biography of Tchaikowsky and other useful information