Yanomamo - Chorus Book

Yanomamo vividly tells of the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest and its effect on the oldest Indian tribe living there, the Yanomamo. Their existence - and that of millions of animals and plant species - is threatened by the arrival of outsiders, and their plans to clear the trees. The delicate balance of nature is being systematically removed, and - if action is not taken - the rainforests, which are crucial to the world's eco-system, will soon disappear. Is there the time or the will to save them? A hugely popular and oft-performed musical, Yanomamo was filmed for Channel 4 as "Song of the Forest," narrated by Sting.

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Composer: Peter Rose and Anne Conlon

Genre: Vocal, Educational

Format / Instrumentation
Vocal lines and lyrics (piano accompaniment in complete Vocal Score)


Josef Weinberger