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Dve Vdovy (Zwei Witwen)


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Komicka opera o 2 jednanich

Composer: Smetana, Bedrich 1824 - 1884

Version: Original

Smetana’s The Two Widows (Dve vdovy) was premièred on March 27th, 1874 at the Prague Czech Theatre under the composer’s own direction. The opera was revised in 1877 - dialogues were replaced by recitative and some music and characters were reworked. The German version premiered in 1958. SYNOPSIS: At a Bohemian castle live two widows, Caroline and Agnes. The landlady, Caroline, is happy with her new-found independence, but Agnes is still in mourning. Caroline is pressed by her suitor, Ladislaus, but does not want to marry him. She conspires to have Agnes fall in love with Ladislaus. Caroline invites Ladislaus to the castle, where he is ‘arrested’ and condemned to one day’s house arrest. Ladislaus accepts the punishment. However, Agnes is not interested in him. While in prison, Ladislaus sings a love song, which awakens Agnes’ feelings, though she is unable to admit so. Only as Caroline begins to flirt with Ladislaus does Agnes admit her feelings to Ladislaus.

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Hudebni Matice Umelecke Besedy

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