Eric Chappell's THE NIGHT IN QUESTION now published and available from Josef Weinberger Plays.

21 February 2017

Night in Question

We’re very pleased to announce Eric Chappell’s latst comedy The Night in Question is now published and available for performance from Josef Weinberger Plays. Eric has written over 200 television comedy scripts and more than 20 stage plays which are performed worldwide, including We’re Strangers Here, Last of the Duty Free, Ground Rules and the thriller Dead Reckoning. He is unquestionably one of the top writers of comedy in Britain today.

When a woman is attacked in a city car park the staff of Faraday Finance, whose offices overlook the car park, fall under suspicion – in particular Brian Heath, who has been picked out at an identification parade and whose first wife died under mysterious circumstances.

At first he seems to have an alibi on the night in question, however as the investigation intensifies, Inspector Rudkin is certain of Heath’s guilt. The case becomes more complex as the alibis of both his co-worker Ronnie and their boss Morley are called into doubt and everyone’s motivations are called into question before a startling incident brings matters to an unexpected denouement.

For full details visit the Night in Question page on our website: The Night in Question