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  • Five Blue Haired Ladies New

Genre: Comedy

Author: Penzotti, John

Anna, Eva, Rose, Gladys and La La had only two things in common when they met seven months ago: a park bench and a life well-lived. Through fond and sometimes painful memories, keen observations and a good belly laugh now and again, these gals are truly on the cusp of eighty, going on eighteen. Bound by each other’s strengths, wisdom and witticisms, each one unwittingly prepares for the day they leave the bench, perhaps for the last time. As the journey unfolds, it’s those bonds that ensure, at least for these fearless five, that the grim reaper is not so grim after all. “It’s Sex and the City on Sanatogen. John A. Penzotti’s script is littered with smart one-liners. Hilarious, yet poignant.” - Herald Express

Cast 4 male 6 female

Length Full

Set Exterior

Licence UK, Ireland & Europe

ISBN 9780856762680


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