by Lewis, David

  • Mother Christmas

Genre: Comedy Drama

Cast 2 male 3 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence Worldwide

ISBN 9780856763670

World premiere at Hampstead Theatre - 14 December 2017

Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmas future are all very
familiar. But in the hands of a dysfunctional family intent on throwing
annual fancy dress parties on Christmas Eve under the watchful eye
of their matriarch Maggie, seasonal festivities are destined to spiral
out of control. Over the course of three Christmases, Maggie, her
children Davina and Ben and her granddaughter Grace attempt to
have themselves a merry little Christmas but past resentments and
recriminations inevitably rise to the surface each time. Surely one year
will be full of peace and love and the true spirit of Christmas? Don’t bet
on it . . .

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