by Cawood, James

  • The Revival

Genre: Thriller Suspense

Cast 5 male 3 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence World

ISBN 9780856763748

Now Published and Available for Licensing

The new play from the author of STONE COLD MURDER and DEATH KNELL is a chilling ghost story full of shocks, twists and gothic atmosphere.

The cast of Lucian O’Keefe’s 1946 classic ghost play Scared to
Death are gathered and ready for their final dress rehearsal before
opening night but all is not going smoothly. Actors are bickering,
one of them can’t learn their lines, the director is on the edge of
a nervous breakdown and to top it all off, the ghostly happenings
of the play seem to be encroaching onto the real world.

Slowly but surely fear takes hold as tales of the play’s curse seem to hold
true and the cast find themselves caught up in an all too real,
spine-tingling and terrifying ghost story.


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