by Mcallister, Keir

  • The Bench

Genre: Comedy

Cast 2 male

Length Full

Set Exterior

Licence World

ISBN 9780856763779

Now Published and Available for Licensing

Joe is in crisis, his life a swirling scribble of obligations he feels he’s failing to fulfil. For five minutes a day he finds a little solace and peace, alone on an isolated bench.

Sandy is mourning the passing of his Maggie. The bench is his memorial to her memory. A shrine to his loss.

As both attempt to impose their purpose on the bench, so begins an epic conflict of passive aggression. A conflict that will change the two of them, and will, maybe, finally answer the eternal question – when is a bench not a bench? A satirical comedy about finding a safe place in a threatening world.

“A brilliant job of subverting expectations . . .a series of very funny twists.”
The Scotsman

“Engages right up until the last.”
The Stage

“A light-hearted take on the travesty that is life.”
Fringe Guru


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