by Brooks, Vanessa

  • Love me Slender new

Genre: Comedy

Cast 7 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence World in English

ISBN 9780856762284

“Remember girls - not slim for today. Not slim for tomorrow. But slim for life!” With these words, Siobhan, the ‘Achiever of the Year’ inspires her hopeful new recruits in the Slim for Life dieting club. Siobhan has lost seven stone, found a new self, a fulfilling job and a wonderful husband. Armed with these she encourages others to achieve the same through a combination of diet and personal philosophy. Five stages - commitment, discipline, sacrifice, realisation and salvation - for the key to a new life. Can Jean, Claudette, Rosie and the rest win the fight with flab? The determination to succeed comes with a price and one not everyone is willing to pay. When the temptation rises and the motivation begins to wane, the edges begin to unravel in the face of Siobhan’s autocratic rule. Just how much is the price worth paying? “A satisfyingly humane and perceptive play that memorably nails one of the great issues of our times.” [Daily Telegraph]

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