by Brooks, Vanessa

  • Poor Mrs Pepys

Genre: Comedy

Cast 6 male 4 female

Length Full

Set Flexible

Licence World

ISBN 9780856762383

Based on incidents contained in Samuel Pepys’ famous diary, Poor Mrs. Pepys spans an eleven year period between 1658 and 1669, taking in both the Black Death and the Great Fire and creating a vibrant picture of seventeenth century London brimming with intrigue, danger and disease. We first meet the young Elizabeth Pepys shortly after a reconciliation with her husband following a two year separation, just as his career is taking off. Forced to contain her own dark secrets in a highly-charged atmosphere of political and religious fervour and desparately longing for the child she knows Samuel will never allow, she begins keeping a diary of her own. Elizabeth’s observations of events in and around the Pepys’ household are quickly seen to be in stark and uproarious contrast to those chronicled by her more illustrious spouse. “Great stuff and highly recommended.” [Amateur Stage]

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